Air Transport


36209710 - loading an airplane with airfreight at an airport

Air Transport

  • Refrigerated transport

    We transport goods packed in boxes or pallets, maintaining them in cold or frozen condition. We have the capability to offer the Special packaging frigo box in three specific dimensions.

  • Express Pickup

    We receive your merchandise immediately from your company. We provide special transport with refrigerated car forthe safe maintenance of cargo.

  • Express Shipping

    Express delivery courier service, the maximum of delivery time is the next day (next day delivery). Ensuring speed and security.

  • Packaging - Special packaging

    We undertake the final packaging of cargo in compliance with the safety and hygiene international standards for thetransportation.

  • Mission Monitoring

    Monitoring your cargo shipment progress, informing you throughout the course continuously.

  • Specialized in perishable products transfer

    We protect the value of your sensitive goods such as drugs and ice cream, providing the optimal transport conditionstherefore ensuring their intact arrival at the final destination.